Now that a woman in Nebraska may have netted $8,000 for a Chicken McNugget that looks like George Washington, the race is on to find the next item of food which resembles someone famous.

And we have an earlier leader. A piece of popcorn that looks like Garfield. If you don't see it at first think angry Garfield, and it will come to you.

While Garfield wasn't the father of our nation like Washington, Jim Davis' famous feline is featured in 2580 newspapers and journals around the world. So that's got to be worth something, right? Also, one would imagine popcorn keeps better than chicken, no matter how processed.

We asked Garfield what he thought about his popcorn likeness, but he responded with his typical apathy. "Who cares?," the cat said. "Call me when there's a piece of lasagna that looks like me."

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