Moviegoers like films about mobsters almost as much as they like superhero flicks. And after a summer filled with Batman and Spider-man and a whole bunch of Avengers, we'll get a chance to check out the tough guys with fedoras and sub-machine guns in 'Gangster Squad.'

The first trailer for the movie, which will be released sometime this fall, just hit the Web. In the clip, we meet a team of '30s era Los Angeles police officers, played by Nick Nolte, Josh Brolin and Ryan Gosling among others, who go "off the books" to take out crime boss Mickey Cohen (Sean Penn.)  Check it out below.

Emma Stone is along for the ride too, portraying a pretty lady in a dangerous love triangle with Gosling's cop character and Cohen.

Mickey Cohen was a real-life mobster who learned his trade in New York and Chicago before being sent back to his hometown of Los Angeles to keep an eye on things for the bosses back east.

Cohen was an important character in the film 'Bugsy' and also popped in 'LA Confidential.' But 'Gangster Squad' looks to be the closest film examination of the legendary hood yet.

So, are you excited for 'Gangster Squad?'

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