It's like we always say, when in doubt (and you don't feel like watching 'Bones'), you can always watch an episode of 'Futurama.' The show is as entertaining as it is quotable. And it is very, very quotable. Don't blame us if you end up losing a weekend or two watching the whole series (which is available on Netflix) after you read these lines. You were warned.

  • 1

    "I like having her around because she's the same blood type as me."

    Prof. Farnsworth
  • 2

    "Fox news, everyone! I've decided to make the fox our new corporate mascot!"

    Prof. Farnsworth
  • 3

    "This isn't a business. I've always thought of it more of a source of cheap labour, like a family."

    Prof. Farnsworth
  • 4

    "Hey aliens, we will kill you! And dishonor your widows by making them gather wood!"

    Bender and Fry communicating with aliens via dance
  • 5

    "Zoidberg, a diplomat? The list of things I've heard now contains everything."

  • 6

    "I got your distress call and came here as soon as I wanted to."

    Zap Brannigan
  • 7

    "My instinct is to hide in this barrel, like the wily fish."

    Zap Brannigan
  • 8

    "I surrender and volunteer for treason!"

    Zap Brannigan
  • 9

    "You've fallen into the final debilitating stages of womanhood."

    Prof. Farnsworth
  • 10

    "Choke on that, causality!"

    Prof. Farnsworth

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