The hit NBC sitcom 'Frasier' ended its original run almost eight years ago. But the Web is buzzing about the Kelsey Grammer vehicle again due to a surprising revelation about the callers who phoned Dr. Frasier Crane's self-help radio show.

It turns out the faceless voices often belonged to celebrities. And some pretty big celebs at that.

Matthew Broderick, Ray Liotta, Ron Howard, Eddie Van Halen, Macaulay Culkin, Christopher Reeve, Art Garfunkel, David Duchovny, Gary Sinise and Helen Mirren were just a few of the callers who plagued Frasier with their mental problems and quirky phobias. (There are also plenty of '9os-era stars like Cindy Crawford, who pops up as a man undergoing a "transition.")

What's cool about the compilation is that the celebrities all clearly sound like themselves, but at the time most of the audience didn't catch on because of the lack of a face to go with the voice. Another neat thing about the video is that since it seems to be in sequence, you get to watch Grammer age over the show's 11 seasons.

To further fuel your nostalgia train, check out Grammer singing the catchy closing theme to 'Frasier' below. Which celeb was your favorite caller?