If you're one of those people frightened by the possibility of a zombie attack, you can rest easy because there's new evidence that suggests we are more likely to witness a robot uprising. You may be giggling to yourself, but that wasn't a joke. We might actually have to survive a mass robot attack in our lifetime.

Never fear! A new video from the animators at Epipheo provides us with some relevant pointers on how to survive in a world overrun by robots.

Best-selling author Daniel H. Wilson's number one tip is to know when an uprising is about to happen. "Obviously, if the machine is doing something outside the scope of what it was made to do, then you should be very suspicious," he says. "So glowing red eyes, spinning buzz saws for arms. Things like those are dead giveaways."

This means that when your DVR forgets to record 'Mad Men' or 'Glee,' you have Epipheo's permission to completely destroy your television. Better to veer towards the safe side.