It's been a good month for fishermen.

Not long after word got out about an Italian man catching a 280-pound catfish comes this story that makes it look like he reeled in a wee little guppy.

Joey Polk led a team of fishermen that caught a 700-pound mako shark measuring 10 feet, nine inches on Thursday off Florida's Navarre Fishing Pier.

The shark was so immense that 60 people had to drag it to shore.

Catching huge sharks is nothing new for Polk and his cohorts, dubbed "Team True Blue." Last April, they caught an 800-pound mako shark, a report about which you can see below.

So, how does Polk do it? "There’s absolutely a secret to catching this monster fish, and that’s just one I’ll never tell," he said.

Oh, man, way to male us want to know even more.