UPDATE: The fair has come forward to say it did NOT create the content in question. It was generated by a small paper that buys content about county fairs from a third party. The original story is below:

Whether it's work or a social occasion, dress codes are a way of life. Sometimes, though, what can or can't be worn will make you do a double take.

Take the Benton Franklin Fair & Rodeo in Washington State, which has a dress code that may shock, and even offend, you. An insert for the event lists what people can wear, which includes this eye-opening nugget: "Avoid tube tops or going bra-less unless you are very young, thin and flat chested.”

You can see the controversial sentence below. It seems ridiculous, right? It's so ridiculous we're actually wondering if it's meant to be a joke or if someone in charge of editing didn't do his job. What do you think?
Curt Cartier