Doctor's notes -- remember them? Those life-saving excuses with medicinal wisdom that saved your butt when you missed school? Well, not all medicine men have patience for that when you're all grown up.

This doctor's note popped up on Reddit recently and shows that even doctors think they're stupid. It was allegedly written by a doctor for a Canadian man who needed to prove to his boss that, yes, he was sick with a common cold and that he couldn't work. Why? Because the boss is apparently very mean and in the year 2015 treats his employee like a little boy playing hooky from school.

Doctor's Note
eaglel66, Reddit

We're always hearing how Canada's healthcare system is much better than America's, so maybe this doctor is peeved that not everyone in the Great White North realizes that (and maybe he's out to continue to prove that not all Canadians are super nice). Whatever his reason, you've gotta love his rage and the fact he actually took the time to craft a letter that so eloquently makes his point.

They should teach this in medical school, don'cha think? And once you complete that course, then you can move onto Illegible Signatures 202 and Elements of Keeping Patients Bored in the Waiting Room With Nothing But a Torn Six-Month Old Copy of Time 305.

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