In Saudia Arabia, an eight-foot runaway ostrich recently snarled traffic, caused accidents and distracted drivers as it ran loose through the busy streets in the southern town of Abha. The animal even got knocked down by a truck at one point, but the mighty bird picked itself up and just kept going.

The bird, which is said to have weighed as much as 400 pounds, sped through the busy streets as a man filmed the wild scene from a car chasing behind. After getting knocked down, the animal retreated to the parking lot of a fast food restaurant for a breather. (Or maybe he just wanted fries.)

But after a short time, the thrill-seeking bird leapt right back into the fray, fearlessly running alongside speeding cars at a breakneck pace. Witnesses were reportedly unsure where the bird came from, but some speculated it may have escaped from a nearby farm. Wherever it came from, we hope this fleet-footed bird finally got to where it was going.