Sometimes all it takes to save a family of ducks are a few nice people. And the police. And firefighters. And the Department of Sanitation.

A group of Chicagoans recently joined forces when a mother duck and her five offspring wound up in harm's way. It started in a parking garage, where Good Samaritan Jamie Holbrook saw the brood and spent three hours herding them to a park. But alas, the little family soon made its way onto busy Lake Shore Drive, where another kind-hearted person stopped traffic to try to help them off the road.

Some of the ducklings were scooped up, but two wound up falling through the grate of a storm drain. One got out on his own, but the other one couldn't be reached without outside intervention.

Enter Chicago's Finest.

Police guided traffic as firefighters first tried to pry off the grate themselves. When that didn't work, a Chicago Streets and Sanitation crew intervened and got the job done. The errant youngster and the rest of his quacking family are now reunited and awaiting placement with a bird rescue group.

[via WGN TV]