Ever wonder what Facebook would've looked like back in the early days of the internet? Well, wonder no more. The fine folks at SquirrelMonkey.com have unearthed this (fake) VHS tape from the 20th century TV show 'Wonders of the World Wide Web,' which discusses a new destination called "The Facebook."

Check out what the popular social network would've looked like in the era of Netscape.

Aww, Alf. You really don't hear enough about that extraterrestrial furball these days. And we also appreciated the jab the video took at the controversial Facebook Timeline. Folks in the '90s might've been blind to how silly you look when you roll up your jeans, but even they knew that Timeline was a bad idea.

SquirrelMonkey has also made videos of what Twitter and 'Angry Birds' would've looked like had they come out during the '80s. You can check out that goodness below.

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