Facebook Timeline is here, whether all you zombies of the Zuckerberg nation like it or not.

And although most of the initial response to the new layout has been negative, a Facebook add-on called Timeline Movie Maker, which plays all of your Facebook memories as a video montage, actually looks like it could be kind of cool.

Using the feature is easy enough, although you do have to be switched over to Timeline  -- which is going to be mandatory on February 4th. Then, head over to timelinemoviemaker.com and follow the very simple directions.

Soon everything you have posted on Facebook will be floating by onscreen, as jaunty music plays in the background. (It's like an ad for Facebook, with you as the star!) You can then edit what is displayed, and the music, to create your own quick-and-dirty 'this your life" video.

Not only that, but Timeline Movie Maker also gives you a peek at all of the dodgy stuff that you posted back when you were in college, and now has to be deleted since the Timeline layout allows all of your friends easy access to this incriminating material. This is your life...time to edit it.

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