If your favorite part of the 'Harry Potter' films is the use of magic, then this 17-minute supercut of nothing but the spells from the series is for you. Watch now. Don't make us use the slug-vomiting charm on you.

Taken out of context, all this wand waving does seem a bit silly. Still, it's a hoot to see all the spells from the films, from the relatively harmless -- like Oculus Reparo, which Hermione uses several times to repair Harry's broken glasses -- to the deadly, like the dreaded Avada Kedavra curse, which Voldemort uses against Harry in their final battle.

Plus, this supercut is one of the few ways to revisit the wonder of the awesome series since it concluded last year. Now if only someone could create a spell that makes J.K. Rowling write more Potter books. That would be the best kind of magic.