Ugh. What were we thinking? What. Were. We. Thinking.

  • A.C. Slater


    Compared to his pleated jeans and mesh shirts, this is actually a pretty good look for him.

  • Joey Lawrence


    "If I had to say one thing I love about Joey Lawrence, it's probably his affinity for shiny vests." -- Something somebody may have actually said.

  • Jared Leto


    In hindsight, Jordan Catalano was kind of a huge jerk who also looked like a lady high school gym teacher.

  • Joshua Jackson


    The '90s were historically a bad time for hair.

  • Justin Timberlake

    Hulton Archive

    Further proof of that last point. Our parents must have been laughing sooo hard at us.

  • Tom Cruise

    Patrick Riviere, Getty Images

    The crazy was there all along! Why didn't we see it?

  • Kevin Richardson & AJ McLean


    Look closely. This is actually two different, yet equally terrible dudes.

  • Zack Morris


    He thought he was so cool, but his pockets must've looked ridiculous with that giant phone stuffed inside them.

  • 98 Degrees


    Seriously, though. If you had a crush on these guys you actually should be very, very ashamed.