In case you didn't already know it, let this serve as a reminder: don't mess with an angry elephant.

An elephant in India left a trail of destruction like it was in a Michael Bay movie when it tossed a total of 27 cars during a festival in the village of Pullapatta.

The elephant, named Kalidasan, was one of several pachyderms scheduled to take part in a ritual when it decided to go way off script and begin its riot act. No one was injured.

Another report says Kalidasan wound up damaging about 20 cars and that officials managed to soothe him after about four hours.

Elephants going bonkers has been a thing this year. You may recall a male elephant in China pulled off a similar stunt after it was depressed when it lost a fight for a mate.

On the other end of the spectrum, there's this elephant that doesn't seem to understand, you know, it's an elephant.