Bah, humbug! A Canadian Grinch ruined the annual holiday parade for dozens of children last Saturday. The intoxicated 24-year-old man, who hailed from Kingston, was arrested after police received a complaint. Parents informed authorities that this jerk ruined Christmas for their youngsters by walking up and down the parade lines and telling them that Santa Claus doesn't exist.

In a twist of irony, the police were easily able to recognize this modern-day Scrooge by his unique hairstyle: two tufts of hair that were twisted into horns. Sounds like someone took the role of the Grinch a wee bit too seriously, in our opinion!

The intoxicated anti-Santa jerk, whose name still has not been released, has been charged with a breach of probation and also causing a disturbance while drunk. Mr. Grinch will also be facing Canada's Liquor License Act offense of public intoxication; hopefully, after being held in jail over night and attending a bail hearing on Saturday, he'll be have more holiday spirit next year!

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