Dogs are all adorable in their own rights. But did you know you can augment the cute factor of your dogs exponentially just by sticking them in some costumes?

Today's video gives us about a minute of great footage featuring pooches dressed up as all manner of different things. There are dogs dressed like superheroes, food, other animals and sometimes as puns. Though there's a great variety of looks and costumes in the video, one thing is certain: the pups have no idea how to handle their situations.

The list of costumes runs the gamut from Batdogs, take-out dogs to literal hot dogs. You can even see some cats in costumes next to some dogs, all of whom don't look very pleased to be given the same treatment as their canine cohorts. We have to give the dogs credit though, because they seem to handle their situations fairly well and don't freak out or go on a hate-fueled rampage like some of their feline counterparts might.

In fact, a lot of the dogs just look as if nothing's bothering them and just go about their business without a care in the world. Of course, every now and then there'll be a pooch that lazily tries to remove parts of a costume, but they don't seem to do it frantically.

If you hadn't guessed it from the video, our favorite costume is all the way at the end of the video. It exemplifies the insult, "your face looks like the wrong end of a dog." Enjoy!