Tesla's Autopilot is so easy even our four-legged friends can use it.

Yes, it's true, as this video of a chilled-out dog sitting in the driver's seat while the vehicle backs out of a garage proves.

So, a dog can operate the self-driving car, which is a good reminder for this grandmother, who freaked out when she commandeered one herself.

It seems dogs and cars are made for each other -- and not just in a stick-their-head-out-the-window-to-catch-the-wind-in-their-hair kind of way, either. You may recall this pooch, who went viral with his horn-honking escapade, which leads us to wonder some of the other car-related responsibilities we may see dogs perform. Perhaps they can get a job changing oil at Jiffy Lube, run out to fill your tank the next time you pull up to a Chevron or lend you a paw when you call AAA after you call to get your flat tire fixed.

And that would be yet another reason why dogs are man's best friend.

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