It seems like everybody has road rage. And we mean EVERYBODY.

Take this dog in Altoona, Pa., for instance. While his owner was inside a store, he jumped into the driver's seat, while another pooch sat in the back, and lay down on the horn without letting go as a way of telling the owner, "Hey, let's get a move on. I'm ready to leave."

According to the YouTube description, "The dogs’ owner, who was not gone very long, returned to the car and said, they 'love going for rides, but apparently they don't like waiting.'"

And can you blame them? Dogs have very busy schedules. There are toilets to drink out of, garbage to sift through, balls to chase. They can't be spending their days sitting in a car. Life's too short for that.

There are plenty of other ways for annoyed or nervous dogs to express themselves, so the owner should consider himself lucky this pup didn't pee, vomit or try to chew up the fabric on the car seats.

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