Did you know your dog can earn badges for obedience, retrieving, search and rescue and even "musical canine freestyling?" They are all among the over 80 recognitions pooches can accumulate if they become a part of the Dog Scouts of America.

The Scouts, which are based on their human counterparts The Boy Scouts, have 38 troops in 22 states. So far 682 dogs have become a part of the organization. To remain a member in good standing, dogs have to earn a badge for basic obedience, which is called the Dog Scout badge. After that they can earn as many or as few other badges as owner and pooch desires. Badges are usually achieved on site, but can also be earned through video submission.

If you'd like to learn more about the Dog Scouts of America, or sign your furry friend up, you should check out the organization's Facebook page. Photos from some Dog Scout outings are below. We've also included a video of musical canine freestyling, because we're pretty sure you are wondering what in the world that is.