This dog doesn't need to go out for a walk. A drive, on the other hand, is much more up his alley.

Luigi Maestro, a five-year-old Shih Tzu in New York City's posh Upper East Side, has been spotted around town with his owner in a BMW. That is, the dog is in the Beemer, putting a whole new spin on the idea of someone "tailing" you.

Don't be fooled, though. Luigi's owner, Anisha Lakhani, tells the New York Post she operates the vehicle via remote control, which is good because, really, how can you get insurance for a BMW when a non-licensed canine is at the wheel. I gave it to him for his fifth birthday,” said Lakhani. "My little Luigi has always been an Upper East Side high-roller, and nothing could be more fitting for him than a Beemer."

Driving in Manhattan is already a big enough adventure among the human population without pooches taking over the roads and turning the roads into a poop-filled, head-out-the-window, tongue-wagging mess, so let's hope Lakhani never gives Luigi the keys anytime soon.

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