Let's face it: Disney princesses aren't known for their ability to kick butt. Thanks to artist joshwmc, however, who recast several well-known Disney characters as rough-and-tumble warrior women, they're now ready to take on any enemy.

But the artist didn't just give each princess a cool new appearance -- he also revised their backstories to match their new looks as capable fighters.

Ariel from 'The Little Mermaid,' for example, has become fully human in order to compete in a global fighting tournament. Pocahontas is an environmental activist who uses twin hatchets to fight for nature, while Rapunzel is an imprisoned sorceress who escaped confinement. Meanwhile, Snow White -- who has a goth look evoking Lisbeth Salander -- learned her fighting skills by growing up in a city ruled by vicious drug lords. And, yes, Cinderella is a ninja inspired by characters from 'Street Fighter 4.'

Check out more awesome art below. Which princess is the toughest of them all?