Why go to the state fair when the state fair can go to you?

Walmart began selling Deep Fried Twinkies last Friday. Deep fried foods are a staple of the state fair circuit and like the foods you can find at those fairs, this offering won't last. Walmart will only sell the Twinkies for three months, at which point they will then be made available at other outlets.

The special treat comes in response to fan appreciation of it, according to Ellen Copaken, Hostess vice president of marketing. "We’ve seen the rise in popularity of deep fried Twinkies on dessert menus across the country as well,” Copaken said.

Copaken also says the Twinkies have a "retro cool factor. It plays into the comfort food trend. And it's fun."

A box of seven will run $4.76, although the effect it has on your wallet won't last nearly as long as the effect it will have on your waistline. The Deep Fried Twinkie in vanilla is 220 calories with nine grams of fat, which is notably more than the 130 calories and four grams of fat in a standard Twinkie.

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