Last Friday, a massive, life-sized Darth Vader cake was unveiled at a 15th anniversary banquet in Orlando, Florida, for the 501st Legion, a fan-based organization dedicated to constructing and wearing screen-accurate costumes from 'Star Wars.' Who knew the all-powerful Sith had such a sweet side?

The 6-foot, 7-inch tall cake was created by Winthrop, Massachusetts, custom bakery Amanda Oakleaf Cakes using 386 eggs, 118 cups of flour, 46 pounds of sugar, 57 pounds of butter and Rice Krispies. It took months of planning and two weeks of work.

All in all, most of the the cake was fairly routine to construct, but the Dark Lord's trademark cape presented some logistical problems, according to baker Amanda Oakleaf.

"We try to make all of our decorations edible out of fondant and sugar and everything is edible, so we had to engineer different new techniques to get the fondant… to hang five feet off the ground, so that was a challenge (and) we pulled it off," she said.

And how did Vader taste, exactly? Well, his torso was made of yellow vanilla cake and vanilla-flavored Italian meringue buttercream. It's a safe bet evil has never been so yummy.

Darth Vader cake

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