A new Doritos-flavored liquor is set to be released. While I can't answer "who asked for this," I can help you with some commonly asked questions about this odd flavor mash-up.

Who Is Making A Doritos Liquor?

Empirical is a Delaware-based maker of spirits with unique ingredients such as smoked Jerusalem artichoke leaf, plum kernel and, yes, nacho cheese-flavored Doritos. The company's co-founder, Lars Williams, explains the flavor came about while he was still trying to figure what he could distill during the early days of the brand. An employee came back one afternoon with a sandwich and Doritos for lunch. Williams decided to see how he could incorporate chips straight from the employee's bag into the distilling process.

What Does It Taste Like?

Here's what Empirical says you should expect when it comes to flavor: "Experience the indulgent flavors of your favorite snack in liquid form. The spirit opens with umami and tangy aromas of nacho cheese, moving to the deeper, corn-forward flavors of the chip to finish on a soft salty note."

Where Can You Buy Doritos Liquor?

The Doritos x Empirical will be available for delivery through Empirical's website starting in January. Pre-orders for bottles are already being accepted.

How Much Does It Cost?


How Much Alcohol Is In Doritos x Empirical?

The 750ml bottle carries a 42% alcohol by volume rating.

What Drinks Can You Make With It?

Empirical has already posted suggested drink recipes using the Doritos-infused spirit. The Doritos Bangarang mixes the liquor with grapefruit and Pepsi. There's also the Double Triangle Margarita that incorporates tequila and lime juice.

How Did They Turn Doritos Into An Alcoholic Drink?

Empirical has shared a few behind-the-scenes videos showing the cheesy-drink being created and bottled. Checkout the photos below to get an inside look at the process.

LOOK: Doritos-Infused Liquor Creation Behind-The-Scenes Photos

Empirical, a Delaware-based company, is releasing an alcohol that incorporates the flavors of Doritos nacho cheese chips. The concoction has already been a hit even before it has been widely distributed. Empirical says it has already sold out of its pre-order supply.

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