This dad is laying down the law when it comes to getting a dog.

A father who clearly has reservations about getting a family dog decided to lay down the terms of bringing in a pooch in a contract he made all the members of the family sign. Originally posted on Reddit, the agreement features 13 clauses, most of which make it pretty clear the father is none too thrilled a four-legged creature may soon be moving in.

You've gotta love how the dad covers his bases: he doesn't have to clean up after the animal, he doesn't have to bathe him and yet he still has the power to choose a name. Considering the stereotype of kids begging for a dog only to have their parents wind up taking care of it, you can understand why this dad is so keen on making sure everyone understands the ground rules right from the get-go.

After all was said and done (and signed), the family did indeed welcome a dog, which they named Kershaw.