Ever heard of Crocs? You know, those ugly foam clog-like shoes? Well, apparently the guy who founded the company was able to make some money with those things and buy himself a Porsche. And years later (on August 11th to be precise), he crashed his car and blamed it all on his "girlfriend," Taylor Swift.

Recently, Croc founder George Brian Boedecker, Jr. was found passed out behind the wheel with the car parked on the sidewalk and reeking of booze. After the police showed up -- a witness made the call -- the 51-year-old was both intoxicated and uncooperative with the officers, claiming that Swift was actually the one driving the car. Boedecker went on to say that the "couple" had a fight and the country star then bailed.

According to The Denver Post, he said his girlfriend was a "really (insert f-bomb here) famous" singer, and then proceeded to ask the officer if he knew who Taylor Swift was.

While Swift is famous for writing about current and past relationships  -- just ask John Mayer -- we're pretty doubtful that she's dating this guy. Honestly, from Jake Gyllenhaal to the Croc guy nearly 30 years her senior? No way. Plus, isn't she dating a Kennedy?

Hmm, sounds like a croc(k), doesn't it?