"It's not how you start, it's how you finish" would definitely be the mantra this officer would pass on to people.

Asia Ford may have finished in last place at the Rodes City Run 10K on Saturday, in Louisville, Kent., but she took first in the hearts of people around the world, thanks to one helpful policeman.

Ford, who's been dealing with weight issues all her life, decided to compete in the race, but began struggling around the four-mile mark, when Louisville Metro Police Lt. Aubrey Gregory spotted her and walked with her and her son to the finish line.

Gregory summed up the moment:

It's not all about what bleeds leads, and it's not all about the bad things that happen that so seems to dominate our news media and social media. [With] positive successes like Asia's and my opportunity to be there and help her through that... people still care enough and want to see that and be a part of that and share that with their friends and family."

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer posted  a photo of the two on Facebook, which spread like wildfire.

For her part, Ford took to Facebook to thank everyone for their support and called Gregory her "angel."

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