Today most of the world is still trying to digest "Hologram Tupac Shakur," who had perfect abs and performed at Coachella Sunday with Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre.

But Conan O'Brien is just miffed at all the attention being paid to the stunt. It was no big deal to him since his late-night talk show has long had rapper hologram technology.

In fact, Conan thought so little of it, he never even brought his rapper hologram on stage, instead giving it tasks to do behind the scenes. See what famous hip-hop star has been working on 'Conan' in hologram form.

'Yeah boy!," it's Hologram Flavor Flav. And just like the real hype man, the hologram is not the most focused individual. So instead of making copies and fetching coffee like he's supposed to do, Hologram Flav goes outside and yells at a fire hydrant.

So which hologram do you like better, Tupac or Flavor Flav? We vote Flav. Fire hydrants have really been getting out of line lately.