For those who don't know, The Wiener's Circle is a hot dog stand in Lincoln Park, Chicago, famous for its char-grilled food -- and the "mutual verbal abuse" between the employees and the customers. That's right, the staff shout at you and you shout back -- with a few expletives thrown in for better service.

So when Conan was in Chicago filming his late night show, he figured it would be fun to send the nicest guy on television, the lovable Jack McBrayer from '30 Rock,' to the infamous hot dog joint.

Of course, McBrayer got an earful when he wasn't quick (and loud enough) with his order. Upset at the service he got, McBrayer vowed he would return.

And return he did. McBrayer queued up once more, but this time with Conan's most infamous puppet, Triumph the Comic Insult Dog. What followed next is comedy gold, and easily one of the best skits ever on the 'Conan' show.

Watch the hilarious (and highly NSFW) skit below.

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