Conan O'Brien is providing all sorts of valuable services this Valentine's season. Yesterday we told you about his Valentine's F-cards, which allow you to tell your Facebook friends what you really think about them. And on last night's show, he offered his fan's "Celebrity Flirt Roulette," which features famous folks making playful romantic overtures in your general direction.

Hmm, so what did we just learn? Fred Armisen is bumbling, David Cross is creepy and John Krasinski has good grammar. Well, that sounds about right. And was Seth Green trying to channel Ryan Gosling there with his "hey girl" talk? If so, good job Seth. Women respond well to Gosling's understanding and sensitivity.

Speaking of which, guys would have probably liked to have seen more lady celebrities offering up their best flirtations. (Like, say, Adriana Lima.) But, if a flirt from Ryan Gosling gets their lady in the mood for love, guys probably won't mind.