The Chinese are known for stealing American technology. For example, there are entire unauthorized counterfeit Apple Stores over there.  But, apparently, that's not all they've been stealing.

It has come to Conan O'Brien's attention that a Chinese talk show called 'Da Pang' has lifted his show's opening almost frame-for-frame without his permission. While they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, this has irked O'Brien. And when you see all the weird stuff that happens on 'Da Pang' after the opening you will see why.

So to get revenge on 'Da Pang,' Conan decided to rip them off right back with a parody of wacky Chinese TV shows. And that means lightning bolts, exploding rickshaws and Andy dressed as his "sexy cohost." Actually, Conan might be onto something here, as there just aren't enough exploding rickshaws on American late night television. See all the good stuff that can happen when China and the United States work together?