Newt Gingrich announced earlier this week that he would be suspending his campaign for President. It wasn't exactly big news, since Newt had about as much of a chance of winning the GOP primary as he did being the first pick in the upcoming NFL draft.

But it was a big deal to the folks over at 'Conan,' because they've gotten a lot of mileage out of Andy Richter's impression of the rotund former Speaker of the House.

"It's not an impression," Richter insisted when called upon to do Newt one last time. "It's a wig and too big a face."

While Andy wasn't necessarily incorrect in that assessment, he is selling his skills at impersonation a bit short. Check out what we mean.

Of course, Newt would be nothing without his loving third wife Callista, a role Conan had been playing with creepy accuracy throughout the presidential campaign.

So should Conan and Andy really retire their Mr. and Mrs. Gingrich impressions now that Newt is leaving the race? Or are some things just too good to say goodbye to?