Sony Pictures has slowly been eeking out teasers for James Bond's upcoming adventure in 'Skyfall,' and whether you can bring yourself to admit it, we've all been a little 007 obsessed lately.

First there were all those trailers and movie posters storming the web, then came the 2012 Olympic Opening Ceremony (leave it to the Queen to out Bond James Bond) and now the franchise is taking over Coca-Cola... for a limited time only.

To promote the new film, which hits theaters this November, America's (arguably) favorite soda has decked out their bottles and cans in the classic black and white tuxedo colors our suave secret agent loves to sport. Both versions feature that iconic snapshot of 007 through a pistol hole, which encourages fans to "Unlock the 007 in you."

Not sure yet if Bond, or Daniel Craig for that matter, would drink Coca-Cola himself, unless you added in some whiskey on the rocks. That's definitely more "International Man of Mystery" than soda pop.

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