'Skyfall' marks the 23rd James Bond movie and the third starring blonde Bond Daniel Craig. The film is scheduled for a November 9th release and its thrilling first teaser trailer just hit the Web.

In the brief clip, Bond is playing a word association game with a psychiatrist as Judi Dench's M character and others watch through a two-way mirror. "Skyfall," the shrink eventually offers. "Done," responds 007 after mulling it over for a moment. Then he gets up and leaves.

Next we get some action shots that don't really give away any of the plot and a brief look at new Bond girls Naomie Harris and Tonia Sotiropoulou.

"Some men are coming to kill us," Bond says, as the teaser comes to a close. "We're going to kill them first."

Ah, the life of a super spy.

'Skyfall's' release comes an amazing 50 years after Sean Connery first played Bond in 'Dr. No.' Do you think the iconic franchise still has its "must-see" status? Or is Bond a musty relic in the age of Jason Bourne and sexy 'Avengers' spy Black Widow?