The Citi "Thank You" card helps you earn reward points that can be used toward travel. Their TV spot shows a woman purchasing rock climbing equipment with her reward points card and then climbing an ambitious-looking rock with her boyfriend, which you assume she traveled to using her points. But more importantly, what’s the song?

The song is ‘Into the Wild’ by LP. LP is a New York-based singer/songwriter with the hard rocking, soulful, gritty sound of icons like Pat Benatar, Joan Jett and Maggie Bell. She earned her chops with Lionfish in the '90s during its three year lifespan and then was discovered by David Lowery, who got her a gig in the studio and on the road singing back-up vocals for Cracker.

In the early 2000s, LP established herself as a tenacious and stark solo artist. She was picked up by SoBe Entertainment after releasing her album ‘Suburban Sprawl & Alcohol’ in 2004. Her tough sound will make you melt and we’re likely to hear more from her after this.

See the commercial and her live performance of the song below.

Citi "Accessories" Commercial

LP Performs the Song Live