Science and technology have always dared to dream of innovations for the betterment of mankind, and now the one we need the most has finally been created. Folks, meet the chocolate printer.

And no, we don't mean a printer that's made of chocolate and can be eaten in some kind of dire office emergency. Although, we're hoping someone is working on that too.

The folks at Choc Edge Ltd. created a device that brings designs and pictures to life by using a motorized syringe filled with delicious chocolate to draw on a canvas.

The device prints out the chocolate just like a regular printer but it's also capable of creating tasty designs in three dimensions. It uses a "high precision printing nozzle" used in high-end paper printers that can spit out scrumptious designs and drawings at a speed of 2,000 millimeters a minute. The images are created through an open source 3D printing program included with the printer.

The company has been working on the device for some time, but have just started taking pre-orders for their  first round of commercial models. A single printer will run you just under $4,000 (no big deal). It also comes with a small supply of printing chocolate, assuming that it even has a chance to run through the printer before you devour it straight out of the cartridge.

[via Neatorama]