There are two things you should know about cheerleaders. One, they are serious athletes. And, two, is that cheerleading is by far the most dangerous sport for high school and college girls in terms of injuries suffered.

The video below encapsulates both of these attributes in four glorious second. Watch a very spry cheerleader kick herself right in the face.

Granted, it would be hard not to laugh after seeing that. But her two cheerleader friends are  really yucking it up at her expense. Not cool, Britney and Britney II. (We assume at least one their names is Britney.)

This laughter from the peanut gallery continues a trend we've noticed in cheerleader "fail" videos. In fact, maybe the appeal of cheerleading isn't the challenging moves or the opportunity to perform in cute uniforms. Maybe girls aspire to be cheerleaders because they get an up-close look at all of their squad mates' hilarious tumbles.

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