One-Legged Cheerleader Makes Exclusive University of Arkansas Team
The gravity-defying tosses, spins and flips of college cheerleading are hard enough to do on two legs. Now imagine trying to do them on one. That's Patience Beard's reality, as the 18-year-old lost her left leg to an illness when she was a baby. But she's never let her lack of a limb hold her back, and this year she was one of only five freshmen to make the University of Arkansas cheerleading squa
Cheerleader’s Kick Doesn’t End Well
There are two things you should know about cheerleaders. One, they are serious athletes. And, two, is that cheerleading is by far the most dangerous sport for high school and college girls in terms of injuries suffered.
55-Year-Old Grandma Auditions for Dallas Cowboys Cheerleading Squad
When Sharon Simmons was 22, she wanted to be a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader. But obligations relating to raising her daughter prevented her from trying out. Now, 33 years later, Simmons' daughter has a child -- making her a grandmother. A grandmother who finally has the time to see if she can make the world's most famous cheerleading squad.
Wannabe Male Broncos Cheerleader Has Serious Spirit
There are some professions men are just going to get poked fun at for even attempting. Besides nursing, it's men trying to be professional cheerleaders. But you got give it to some men who despite knowing what they're up against, are adamant about making it. Like this awesome guy, who quite possibly became the first male tryout for the Denver Broncos cheerleading squad.