'Success Kid' is a macro meme which features a picture of a baby with a pumped fist and look of unusual self-satisfaction. Folks started using the photo of 11-month-old Sam Griner -- which had been made available on Flickr -- as their Myspace avatars around 2008. But it didn't really hit its stride until 2011 when Reddit turned 'Success Kid' into meme that now has over 66,000 different versions.

Of course photo memes are actually people too, as we learned from the much-maligned Scumbag Steve. And Sam Griner, the person, happens to be starting kindergarten this very week.

So the folks at Mashable got hold of the youngster, and tomorrow at 4 PM EST Griner will be answering readers' questions about what it's like to be meme, and what it's like to be in kindergarten.

With Griner's long history of success, we suspect he will dominate the classroom and the schoolyard, nap time be darned. But we guess we will get the lowdown during his chat. Check out some examples of the "success kid" meme below.