There's a surprise in store for you in aisle seven.

Check out this cat that was spotted on a shelf at the British supermarket Sainsbury's.

Look at that scowl. Look at that aura. Look at that "leave me be" vibe that cats everywhere should note and have mastered as awesomely as this.

The feline has taken a bit of a shine to this store. How do we know? Because last November he was snapped lounging on a different shelf there.

According to Mashable, the cat belongs to people who live next door, although it sure looks like he's thinking about forwarding his mail to the store. To that end, supermarket officials say he's not exactly been accommodating when it comes leaving the premises.

What do you think about starting a pool about where he will be caught next? Two-to-one odds say he's going to be chilling out by the canned sardines drinking from a saucer of milk he got from the dairy case and demanded an employee pour for him.