The cat's out of the bag: no one is exempt from poking fun at people who are overly-attached to their felines.

A word search of cat terms yielded some rather unpleasant terms that were intentionally put there. Along with standard fare, like "collar," "meow" and "whiskers," less favorable words like "spinster," "lonely" and "reclusive" appear (although those are not the words you're asked to find).

While you may think it's some sort of sick joke, the unflattering words are part of the Crazy Cat Lady Coloring Book, which is available for you to buy, along with other fun Crazy Cat Lady goodies, assuming you know a woman who's so devoted to her pet she's skipped a family wedding because Mr. Sprinkles can't bear to be alone for more than six hours or spends more than two-thirds of her income from her working from home job purchasing designer cat litter because her cat is worth it.