Carl's Jr is the latest fast food chain to embrace dairy-based Franken-foods with an ice cream cheeseburger offering.

But it's not quite as bizarre as it seems. It's really just an ice cream sandwich -- two sugar cookies and chocolate ice cream in the middle -- made to look like a burger with cheese and ketchup-colored frosting dripping down the side. So while the visual may confuse your taste-buds for a moment, it's really just flavors that you know well.

In fact, the $1.99 dessert, which is only available in the Los Angeles area for now, is getting good reviews. "Delicious," raved a fast food connoisseur named Chris in an email he sent to The Consumerist.

But this all got us thinking: Would you eat an Ice Cream Cheeseburger that was actually some mix of bun, beef, cheese and ice cream? It sounds kind of gross, but that's probably what the friends of the first guy who had the brilliant idea to dip french fries in his milkshake said.

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