Earlier this week we learned that they are stuffing hot dogs in pizza over in the UK. And last month we got word that they are deep frying McRibs in Austria.

Could it be that America, the land in which fried chicken was first used for bread, is no longer the undisputed champion of ridiculous junk food hybrids? Not if Burger King has anything do with it.

According to a tipster in Tennessee, the fast food giant is testing a bacon sundae in at least one of their Nashville locations. To be fair, Denny's and Jack in The Box have already introduced bacon-flavored ice cream, but Burger King may be the first chain to use actual bacon in their sweet concoction.

Among other new menu items on the BK Nashville menu are sweet potato fries and a pulled pork sandwich. It is believed these are all part of Burger King's recent effort to spruce up its offerings and become more competitive with industry leader McDonald's.

So is a bacon sundae doing it for you? And do you think Micky D's now needs to bring the deep fried McRib stateside so they can stay ahead of the competition?

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