Man has long tried to find ways to defy the laws of gravity. We've put our bodies and lives on the line to prove that gravity isn't as constant as we once thought. We've built planes that can not only fly but transport hundreds of people at once. We've even created jetpacks that can thumb our nose at gravity by launching a single person high into the heavens.

We've even tried to do it in vehicles and devices that weren't designed to challenge gravity. One car, specifically a dune buggy, has found the most interesting way yet.

The popular British car show 'Top Gear' has been traveling the world doing live shows that feature their unique brand of car humor and vehicular destruction. During a recent stop in South Africa, the show set a new record, not just for their show but for all of automotive history.

One of the live show's signature stunts features a small four wheel buggy driving through a massive loop. This time, the team took the stunt one step further. They drove a buggy through not one, but two consecutive loops. They also attached a camera in front of the driver's seat so you can experience what such a death defying stunt feels like for yourself.