If there's one thing to be said about hipsters, it's that they HATE condensed soups. Like, really, really hate them. But they LOVE soup in a bag. So, Campbell's might be onto something with their new line of soups targeted towards "millenials," for whom tomato soup WILL NOT STAND, but please put some coconut curry chicken in a bag and microwave it right away please.

Campbell's Go soups are inspired by fare eaten at food trucks in places like Austin, San Francisco and Portland, so we wouldn't be surprised if when you squeeze the pouch a pair of over-sized plastic rim glasses plopped out.

The soups don't contain glasses or American Apparel catalogs, they just have chipotle peppers and spices and stuff in them, because they are targeted towards the "restless spirits with adventurous tastes" of people in their mid-20s to 30s. You know how you're always saying, "God, I'm so restless, I could really use a piping hot bowl of creamy red pepper soup, maybe with some smoked gouda in it"? Now you can have it.