In 1995, Pizza Hut introduced pizza with cheese stuffed in its crust. The innovation was an immediate hit, and suddenly more people were eating their entire slice of pizza, rather than leaving the crust.

As the years passed, Pizza Hut stuck things besides pizza--like bacon and pepperoni-- in their crust. And pizza fans were basically happy with this development.

But the pizza giant may have gone too far with their latest stuffing trick, the Hot Dog Stuffed Crust, which comes with a "free" mustard drizzle.

While a hot dog isn't that different than a sausage, which would be a perfectly acceptable thing to put on or in a pizza, the combination of pizza and hot dogs just doesn't seem right. Then when you add a "mustard drizzle," you have a potentially gag-inducing combination of flavors.

But don't worry -- you won't be confronted with this frankfurter Frankenstein at your local Pizza Hut. It's only available at the chain's locations in England.

Would you be willing to give this hybrid of two longtime favorites a shot? Or do you think that hot dogs should stay where they belong? Like, say, inside of a pretzel?

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