It's not just little kids who hate eating their veggies.

Eric the cockatoo here is having none of the broccoli his owner wants him to eat and goes on a rampage the likes of which are usually reserved for rock stars who trash their hotel rooms. Perhaps he's taking out his rage on the fact that he's a bird named Eric. Giving pets human names is always a little weird, right?

His owner repeatedly pleads with him to "show all the kids out there how you eat your broccoli," but he isn't swayed by the idea that a cockatoo could somehow be a role model for little children when it comes to nutrition. He knocks the broccoli off the table and rips it to pieces.

Eric's nickname is Eric the Legend and this is certainly a legendary meltdown. Why, if a little kid did this, he'd be grounded with no dinner -- broccoli included or not.