Britney Spears is addressing body image issues head-on through a series of before-and-after airbrushed photos commissioned to help educate schoolchildren about the unrealistic physical expectations created by the media. (And, uh, Britney Spears' videos.)

In the photos, Spears poses in heels and a swimsuit, with one shot showing the star as she naturally appears and the other providing a demonstration of how touch-ups and Photoshop magic can create an illusion of perfection. Of course, even au naturel, Britney looks great -- but after the designer's brush is through with her, there isn't a blemish or ounce of cellulite to be seen.

According to Lynne Featherstone, a spokesperson for the British government, the campaign was created in order to help combat the psychological and physical damage wrought by "size zero" culture.

"Young people are being set an impossible standard by the images they are confronted with on a daily basis from the media and advertising and there is evidence to suggest this has a negative impact on self-esteem," Featherstone said. "I want children to recognize their value is much more than physical appearance."

Spears, who has been vocal about the media's reliance on airbrushing in the past, was happy to use her figure to help get the message across. As a source told the UK paper the Daily Mirror, "Britney is proud of her body -- imperfections and all."

[ via PopCrush]