As you undoubtedly know, 'Breaking Bad' is coming to an end this weekend. Perhaps you are wondering what you can to to prepare for the big day. Well, we're here to tell you with our comprehensive guide to surviving the 'Breaking Bad' finale.

  • Tequila


    Drink enough and you can watch it again for the first time the next day!

  • Toilet Paper

  • 'Free Bird'


    Make sure you've got a copy of 'Free Bird' readily accessible -- you're probably going to want to play it on a loop for the several hours following the closing credits.

  • Stretch


    You're going to want to be nice and limber for your post-show freedom sprint.

  • Cash


    Don't forget to stop by an ATM. You're going to need money to pay your friends when you lose the How 'Breaking Bad' Ends pool.

  • Research


    You need to start looking right away for a new show to replace the void that 'Breaking Bad' is going to leave behind. (Just kidding, it can't be filled.)

  • A Whole Bunch of Cinnamon Rolls


    They're like a 2 on the How Ridiculous Foods Make You Look When You Eat Them While Crying scale.

  • Power Down


    If you can't find a friend with cable, shut everything down. Everything. No phone. No internet. For God's sake NO FACEBOOK.

  • Kleenex


    You're going to cry like a baby.